There’s a killer on the road
His brain is squirmin’ like a toad
Take a long holiday
Let your children play
If you give this man a ride
Sweet family will die
Killer on the road.

Gangstalking can be extremely stressful no doubt, but new research reveals how you view stress can have a greater impact on your health than the stress itself.

Yeah, I totally recomend getting enough exercise to the ti community and taking care of your health in general. It keeps your mind sharp and is something positive to focus on. In a way it is similar to meditation because of the focus on your body. You lose your self in it.

It can be frustrating if you are going for a walk and you meet up with your annoying “friends”, although it can be entertaining to see what they will do. The amusement wears off. I can usually can decern my normal neigbors from the demented ones by the way they act. Sometimes I go to the gym and clowns suddenly appear.

Might get out my bike during the warmer months. maybe. I can be so lazy. Or am I just tired from last nights electronic harrasment? There seems to be a giant mosquito hovering outside my window! Sometimes I actually exercise, but I tend to not be so motivated especially knowing that my goofy “friends” are always around.

Finding hobbies to enrich your life is a great way to spark your creativity in the midst of the twilight zone type of expiriences targeted individuals typically face. Trying to drive someone mad is not a particularly healthy thing for a person to do and their relationships with others will only suffer if they can’t relate to others. I hope they get help so they can salvage their lives.

If they really have a problem with a particular target I wish they could grow some balls and approach their targets. But they don’t because they want to create problems not fix them. Its a total ego trip and most of the people involved don’t have a fuckin clue anyway. They are just mindless authoratrian drones. This is why finding something positive to do is important.

I’m a guy who’s crazy about cars so naturally I find myself obsessed with hot wheels cars and buildng models lately. Also, When I can I like to go to see the classic cars at the local cruisenight during the summertime. I love the designs of old cars.

The Steven Leary Diecast Collection

If you discover you are being stalked, a positive thing to do with your time is to focus on your passions and what you find exciting in life, whatever that maybe. Directing your attention toward activities that are constructive and not destructive is the way to go. Not really seeing the positive aspect to the gangstalkin’ hobby.

I have been practicing meditation for several years and I am sure it has helped me deal with gang stalking harassment. I definitely recommend this practice to anyone especially targeted individuals. Gangstalkers themselves could also benefit from this form of introspection as it orients them towards reality and helps them to develop compassion.

Meditation teachers such as Shinzen Young and Danial Ingram as well as many others have taught me a great deal about the specifics of the spiritual path. Shinzen has a youtube channel that I find very helpful explaining the details of practice. Daniel Ingram has written a book entitled “Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha, A Hardcore Dharma Book” which I quite often refer to. Namaste.

I just recently found out that this type of harassment is called gang stalking, after several years of confusion. The fact that I am not the only one experiencing this phenomenon is both reassuring and deeply disturbing. Apparently anyone can become a Targeted Individual or TI.

People who have experienced this form of stalking report similar incidents, such as being followed, being exposed to repeated stimuli. The repeated stimuli is usually something which occurs frequently in life, and in my case it includes coughing, beeping, having cars drive up and down your street and having neighbors act like complete weirdos, in addition to many other things. These stimuli are designed to get your attention and make you realized you are being watched.

Long before your stalkers let you in on their secret, a slander campaign was being spread about you. The whole idea of this perfect crime is to make you appear crazy to the community. Typically anyone you tell won’t believe you, because it is designed to look like mental illness. The style of tactics used depends somewhat on location and the individual targeted. Each city has its own style.

This is a fantastic example of gang stalking street theater, as most videos don’t reveal what happens backstage.